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"W.O.M.B. is a grassroots movement of the Life-Givers of our Mother Earth. Our initial commitment is to hold 4 consecutive gatherings, on Native land, with the permission of the Tribal, GrandMother, Elders of that Native land. This project will bring together both Indigenous and non-Indigenous women of all ages, from all around the world. Our intent is to create a safe environment, following Traditional protocols, to make it possible for the GrandMother Wisdom-Keepers to openly share their teachings, sacred songs, stories, prophesies and ceremonies, outside their Indigenous communities. Through this spiritual process, healing can take place for each individual woman, which will allow healing to take place from the rememberance of past genocides, thereby healing the diversity of the sacred circle of all Life Givers. By honoring and respecting the Beauty Ways of our female energy (too many to list) we can help bring back balance to our Mother Earth and heal the wounds of her people; with one Voice, one Heart and one Chanupa."


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